Welcome to Mindsights Mediaworks!
Welcome to Mindsights Mediaworks!
The Artist
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Gwyneth R. Morgan
  When I created the original Mindsights Web Site in 2005, its main purpose was to serve as a repository for my music, art, verse, and stories.  Then several really important things happened!  I began to acquire the "tools of the trade"—tools that allowed me, for the first time, to begin creating works of art that were so much closer to what I could see in my mind.  What tools you ask?

First—a Nikon D–50 digital camera.  But the digital images themselves would not get me to where I wanted to go without software—specifically, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Pagemaker.  These three tools combined have made it possible for me to create the greeting cards, prints, and calendar you see in this Web site and to share with all of you what I see in my mind.
So now that the amount of art work that I have created has grown—and grown substantially, I might add—I thought it high time that the art have its own Web site!  No music, no writings—just art!

Feel free to contact Mindsights Mediaworks about any of these products.  And check out the "My Next BIG Projects" Web Page for what Mindsights Mediaworks will be working on in the months to come.

Do enjoy!
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