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A Mid-Summer's Eve (July 1977)

So ... one summer during college I contracted the measles.  Since I couldn't go to work, I decided to learn how to silk screen.  As I read books from the local library on the subject, an idea came to me.  My parents were to be out-of-town for a weekend, so what if we have a party!  I designed a logo, silk screened it on to tee shirts, and then sold them for five dollars each ... the shirt served as the "ticket."

It just so happens that I  was reading "Lord Of The Rings" that summer for the first time.  The theme of "A Mid-Summer's Eve" came from the birthday party held for Bilbo and Frodo.  There you have it!  Please forgive the quality of the photographs!  After thirty years, I could not get them out of the photo album—hence the layer of plastic over the photograph!
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A Mid-Summer's Eve
The Official Party Logo!
Why are you looking at us? Time for more beer!
Why are you looking at us? Time for more beer!
Time to eat! Balancing a beer
Time to eat! Balancing a beer!
Which end of the camera?
Which end of the camera?


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