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Only God can say I am ...
   The rest of us must settle for becoming.
      Always becoming.

Click here to listen to the reinvented version of Becoming (created via MIDI in 2009).
Click here to listen to the studio version of Becoming (released in 2005).
Click here to listen to the original demo version of Becoming (2000).

Nature Sounds:  "Rainstorms" Copyright © 1997 by Sounds of Nature
"Becoming" came to me in November 1997—three weeks after a particularly painful loss of a very special relationship.  I had just moved into an old house out in the country.  The living room was very large, had a hardwood floor and many large windows, and allowed me—for the first time in years—to have all of my musical instruments (including my grandmother's piano) in the same place as my stereo speakers.  I could sit and play my piano or my guitars in a wonderfully acoustic space along with some of my favorite songs—or by myself.
One evening I went into my living room, picked up one of my acoustic guitars, and simply started playing the chords that would "become" the verse.  The interlude was actually a piece of an unfinished song from twenty-odd years earlier—a string of chords that I could never quite figured out how to use to their full advantage.  For some reason, I had a nudge from the Muses to use that sequence after the end of the second verse.
When it came time to record this song in 2002 as part of a longer musical project, I was able, for the first time, to "play along" with myself and develop the second guitar part—and, eventually, the synthesizer parts—both of which came to me almost spontaneously.  What you hear is the finished product.
As for the name of the song, the title was chosen because I was in the process of making some major "mid-life course corrections" from 1998 through 2001—changes that would ultimately take me to a better, more peaceful place.
We are all becoming who we are supposed to be—always becoming!


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