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Collections of Favorites
Over the years, I have been influenced by a variety of different musicians and bands.  To better
understand where my music comes from, I have put together some collections of some of my
favorite songs.

Do enjoy!
01. Favorite Collection—Set One
  This set includes songs by Jon Anderson (of YES), Jon (Anderson) and Vangelis,
YES, Supertramp, Buckingham Nicks (before joining Fleetwood Mac), Fleetwood Mac, and Enya.
02. Favorite Collection—Set Two
  This set includes songs by Jon (Anderson) and Vangelis, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, The Who, Supertramp, Al Stewart, Genesis, Buckingham Nicks, Anthony Phillips (formerly of Genesis), Happy The Man, AndersonBrufordWakemanHowe, and Jon Anderson (solo).
03. Favorite Collection—Set Three
  This set includes songs by David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd), Klaatu, Supertramp,
Anthony Phillips (formerly of Genesis), YES, Joni Mitchell, Toad The Wet Sprocket,
Jon (Anderson) and Vangelis, Grateful Dead, and Starcastle.
04. Favorite Collection—Set Four
  This set includes songs by Glass Hammer, Liquid Tension Experiment, Coldplay, Happy The Man, Ozric Tentacles, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Grace Pool, and Genesis.
05. Favorite Collection—Set Five
  This set includes songs by Enya, Mary McLaughlin, Richard Dworsky, Chris Spheeris/
PaulVoudouris, Secret Garden, Lisa Lynne/Franco Tortorelli, Tony Elman, Lynn Hollyfield/
Nina Spruill, Jon (Anderson) and Vangelis, Steven Halpern, Michael Whiteley, Connie
Dover, and Andreas Vollenweider.


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