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Reviews of Faraway and Forever—More Stories

Faraway and Forever
       Cover design by Tabitha Lahr
  This collection of novelettes takes the reader from the not to distant future to a time when travel between worlds is a common occurrence.  Each stop along mankind’s journey outward to the stars is accompanied by a deeper look inward—from examining how extraterrestrial beings might use our own biology against us, to whether a human consciousness can survive in a virtual environment, to how wishes are really granted.  Original and thought provoking, these stories—which include an interstellar religious thriller involving a second coming of Christ—will stimulate the intellect and engage the imagination.

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Layne Mandros
"Along the way, the five works here offer readers remarkable flights of imagination, occasional surprises, and an overarching sense of wonder. A high-quality anthology with a Christian outlook that embraces science."

"I was intrigued by all of the stories for their clarity and directness—no pompous prose, just clear voice and clear thinking. I especially admire that the use of science (and fictive science) is in service of, never overpowering, the human dynamic, the human question, the human center to each story . . . all of them are compelling."
    Associate Dean of the College, Wake Forest University, Founder of Words Awake!

[Look for updates and information soon related to WordsAwake!, the celebration of Wake Forest Writers and Writing.  There will be another celebration and gathering—WA5!—in Spring, 2024, in Winston-Salem, NC.  Send news, inquiries, comments, and announcements to Tom Phillips.  Click here for more information.]

"Wilkie has produced an amazingly imaginative and compelling set of stories that not only take the reader to new worlds, but convey fundamental life lessons we would all do well to ingest. For a non-science fiction reader, they were a revelation. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in an entertaining and enlightening read."
—MARY LLEWELLYN McNEIL, author of Century’s Witness

—LET ZYGONS BE ZYGONS (May 15, 2023)
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Click here to read "The Golden Rule" (commentary about "Half the Sky").

—WHAT IS THAT BOOK ABOUT (July 18, 2023)
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—STOREY BOOK REVIEWS (July 19, 2023)
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—HASTY BOOK LIST (July 16, 2023)
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—REVIEW BY SAM TYLER (July 20, 2023)
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"Countless classic sci fi stories have used relgion as inspiration and here is Nancy Joie Wilkie's 'Faraway and Forever' set of short stories that lean a little more heavily on faith."

Click here to read her review (posted on Amazon.com).  Here's an excerpt:

"Faraway and Forever is a spectacular set of stories that I thoroughly enjoyed.  To be honest, these stories are not something I would normally read but I love reading outside my comfort zone, just to get a a taste of what's out there.

"Each of the five stories were thought-provoking and spoke to me in some way.  My particular favorite was the piece called 'The Wishbringer.'  What a interesting concept.  I don't want to say anything more, but I loved the idea of this story.

"I'm so glad I read Faraway and Forever and will definitely read more by this author.."

—BOOK Q&As WITH DEBORAH KALB (July 22, 2023)
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—BOOKLIFE REVIEW (August 25, 2023)
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"The author presents creative, stimulating, and high-drama sci-fi stories that will keep readers on alert.  Plots build with excitement and develop in unexpected directions.  The reader can't help but get sucked into the drama and potential outcomes."

(Conversations With Women in STEM—Episode No. 114)
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—CROSSROAD REVIEWS (September 23, 2023)
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—THEBOOKSHELFBLOG (September 25, 2023)
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"Wilkie’s stories are intriguing and thoughtful.  I definitely kept thinking about these characters and their situations long after I finished reading the novelettes.  And I liked the way Wilkie was able to combine both science and religion, especially in a time when both topics are considered to be diametrically opposed.  I believe Faraway and Forever—More Stories is an ideal book for people who are interested in worlds beyond their scope and how it can combine with faith."

—GOODREADS/Kathy's Review (October 22, 2023)
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—AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEW (December 01, 2023)
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"Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and it's nice to see that indie market include religious aspects to the sci-fi genre.  It seems like Asimov and Clark wrote out religion in the future of sci-fi literature and did so without realizing how much of an impact religion has had on all human history (especially considering that Jesus Christ is the Creator and Lord of all).  As for the book, pick it up if those stories sounded interesting.

—GOODREADS/Patrick's Review (December 01, 2023)
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—LIBRARY THING REVIEWS (six) (October–December 2023)
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This collection of stories was released for sale on July 18, 2023 (She Writes Press).

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