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One of my new favorite bands is called "Pomplamoose."  In case you are wondering, the name is a variant of the French word "pomplamousse"—which means "grapefruit."  Not sure why they choose that name!  They do some amazing covers—they do some wonderful original material—and they are so great together!  You may have seen them on the Hyundai commercials during Christmas 2010!

Check out these "video songs" on YouTube.com!  And click here to visit the "Pomplamoose" Web Site.

    "Mister Sandman" (The Chordettes)

    "September" (Earth, Wind, and Fire—written by Allee Willis)

    "Jungle Animal" (Pomplamoose with Allee Willis)

    "Telephone" (Lady Gaga)

    "Expiration Date" (a Pomplamoose original)

    "Another Day"(a Pomplamoose original)

    "Achin" Heart� (a Pomplamoose original)

    "If You Think You Need Some Lovin" (a Pomplamoose original)

    "River Shiver" (a Pomplamoose original)

    "Monster Mask" (a song by Ron Weiner)

    "ANGRY BIRDS theme!!!" (covered by Pomplamoose)

    "Hey it's Pomplamoose Live!  First Footage of Their Band!"

    "Don't Stop Lovin' Me"

    "I'll Be There In A Minute"

    "Do Not Push"

    "Batman Theme" (Sequel to "Do Not Push")

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Do enjoy!!  More favorite things coming soon!


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