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Carolyn's Cards


Carolyn's Cards is a program that sends cards and other small surprises through the mail to individuals with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and to their caregivers.  The purpose is to help those feeling isolated or down because of CRPS by sending them a card to provide encouragement and support, help them not feel alone, help them feel part of a community, and—most importantly—to give them a smile. Carolyn received inspiration from her mother who would send her cards when she was down, in a lot of pain, or recovering from surgery.  These cards would help to brighten her day.  She thought it would be great if she could reciprocate that feeling for others.  Carolyn started sending cards to the attendees of the first Young Adult Weekend as a way to stay connected to them and show support.  She was surprised to hear how much they genuinely enjoy the cards.  She has continued to add names to her list after each Young Adult Weekend.

The cards can be sent for birthdays, holidays, other celebrations, after medical procedures, or when we receive notification that someone is having a difficult time.  Carolyn's Cards will receive names and addresses via recommendations provided by RSDSA or directly emailed to Carolyn.

Click here to learn more about Carolyn's Cards and CRPS.


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