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Short Order
After the recording of the "Seneca Creek Band" demo tapes, our lead guitarist (John) parted ways with us and our drummer was too busy to practice with us.  So I switched from playing bass guitar to rhythm guitar and Chris traded his electric rhythm guitar for an acoustic lead guitar—and "Short Order" was born!  While we did not have the nice ditigal recorder that John used for the recording of the first set of demo tapes, I had an opportunity to borrow a four-channel analog tape recorder.  We managed to record five cover songs before Julie moved to New York City.
And just before Julie moved to New York City, one of her girl friends announced plans to get married in an old and very quaint church out in the Maryland countryside.  Julie's friend asked her to sing "The Wedding Song" and Julie, in turn, requested the assistance of my guitar.  Just for fun, I am including a recording of just the guitar part that I recorded for her to use when practicing (recorded in the dining room at Batchellors Forest Road).  We must have been a hit because the bride's mother was in tears by the end of the song!  And—oh, yes—she sent me a check for $35 some months later.
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Do enjoy!
1.   Wonder (Acoustic Version)
  (Original Artist:  Natalie Merchant)
2.   Landslide
  (Original Artist:  Fleetwood Mac)
3.   Sweet Surrender
  (Original Artist:  Sarah McLachlan)
4.   In God's Country
  (Original Artist:  U2)
5.   Rhiannon
  (Original Artist:  Fleetwood Mac)
6.   The Wedding Song
  (Original Artist:  Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul, and Mary)
All songs recorded at my (current) home except the "Wedding Song" which was recorded in the dining room of my previous home.


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