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Dragon's Door—A Tale of Ring and Sword
(released on Christmas Day 2022)

Front Cover

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Aurora lives in a time of magic, the world still filled with mythical creatures great and small, dragons and fairies, some good, some bad. But most folks didn’t much care for magic. Most were simple farmers living happy lives, managing fields and orchards, growing vegetables and fruits, and raising animals, all so their families had enough food to eat. Aurora lives on one such farm in the Kingdom of Imlay along with her father and mother and her brothers and sisters, all of the animals for friends, and knowing the names of every plant and flower in the nearby countryside by heart.

One day while out picking flowers for her mother, Aurora discovers an ancient ring. Convinced the ring has magical powers, Aurora spends weeks trying to unlock the ring’s secret. And when she finally does, she realizes she now has the power to stop time, create illusions, and travel instantly between faraway places.

Far to east of Aurora’s farm lives Galabraith, a young man taking care of his aging father’s farm. One day while plowing the fields he uncovers a magic sword once belonging to his father. When he presents his find to his father, he finally learns how his mother was killed by an evil dragon. After his father dies, Galabraith takes his magic sword and shield and sets off to the High King’s Castle to join an army of knights assembling to rescue the Queen who has been kidnapped by the very same dragon.

Far outnumbered by the dragon’s minions, the King’s knights are soon killed, all except Galabraith. But Aurora, somewhat smitten by Galabraith, has followed him to the site of the battle and uses her powers to distract the dragon, giving Galabraith the chance to end the dragon’s miserable life and avenge his mother’s death. The young knight enters the dragon’s liar to rescue the Queen. Just before leaving to head back to the King’s Castle, Galabraith discovers Aurora, wounded from the battle. Together, the trio heads back to the King’s Castle. But that is where Aurora learns the powers given to her by the ring come at a cost. She must decide how to pay back the ring. Aurora and Galabraith return to her family’s farm to do just that.


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