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Morning Mediation #3

Click here to listen to "Morning Meditation #3" (abbreviated) (2010).
Click here to listen to "Morning Meditation #2" (2008).
(The percussion parts are supplied by Kara.)
(The opening guitar loop was recorded by Gwyn.)
Click here to listen to a second demo version of "Morning Meditation #1" (2001).
(The percussion parts are supplied by Kara.)
Click here to listen to the original demo version of "Morning Meditation #1" (2000).
Nature Sounds:  "The Rainforest" Copyright © 1997 by Sounds of Nature
Cricket Sounds:  Copyright © 2008 by Mindsongs Musique
Morning Mediation is meant to be listened to just as one awakes—preferably when one has just had a nice long sleep in a magical place—out in the woods somewhere.  The piece begins with the sounds of a forest coming to life, the chirping of insects, the first chatter of the birds.
In the original version, the forest life is joined by a singular, repeating line finger picked on an acoustic guitar.  After a minute or two it is joined by a second guitar part—and then after another long moment—a third.  More parts slowly find their way into the mix.  The parts all take turns fading in and out—much as we do as we half-heartedly fight our way back into the waking world.
After a spell, the many voices that have all been faithfully reciting their assigned parts collectively change their patterns—as if to signal us that it will soon be time to leave the warmth of our beds.
The most recent version (Morning Meditation #3) is created using only a synthesizer (no guitars)—and the crickets from my backyard provide the constant background chatter.
Listening to Morning Meditation never fails to place a piece of the sun in my heart!


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