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Favorites Collection—Set Four
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Below are links to some of my favorite songs.  Do enjoy!
01. South Side Of The Sky (Glass Hammer)
  From "Culture Of Ascent"
Copyright © 2007 Sound Resources/BMI
02. Osmosis (Liquid Tension Experiment)
  From "Liquid Tension Experiment"
Copyright © 1998 Magna Carta
03. Clocks (Coldplay)
  From "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"
Copyright © 2002 EMI Records Ltd./Capitol
04. Upon The Rainbow (Happy The Man)
  From "Happy The Man"
Copyright © 1977 Arista Records, Inc.
05. Sunhair (Ozric Tentacles)
  From "Jurassic Shift"
Copyright © 1998 Snapper UK (reissue)
06. The Soul Cages (Sting)
  From "The Soul Cages"
Copyright © 1991 A&M Records, Inc.
07. Red Rain (Peter Gabriel)
  From "So" (1986), "Shaking The Tree" (1990)
Copyright © 1990 The David Geffen Company
08. Awake With The Rain (Grace Pool)
  From "Grace Pool"
Copyright © 1988 Reprise Records
09. Follow You Follow Me (Genesis)
  From "And Then There Were Three"
Copyright © 1978 Atlantic Recording Corporation


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