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Publication of "Faraway and Forever—More Stories"

Publication of "Perfect Prayers" (a poem and a prayer)
(Reflections, Maryland Writers' Association Anthology)

Spoke at "Something's Happening at Salem"

Publication of "Deconstructing Dad" (a very short story)
(Pen In Hand, Maryland Writers' Association Anthology)

Publication of "Seven Sides Of Self—Stories"

Updating the Mindstreets Musings Web Site
Addition of "The Ledge" (story)
Addition of "Current Works" page (poems)

Posting of Stories by Beverly

Posting of Poetry by Anne Marie

Creation of the Mindstreets Musings Web Site
Shifting of Poetry from Mindsights Web Page to Mindstreet Musings
Shifting of Stories from Mindsights Web Page to Mindstreet Musings
Shifting of Novellas from Mindsights Web Page to Mindstreet Musings
Posting of Lyrics
Posting of Recipes

Upgrade of the Stories Section
Upgrade of the Poetry Section
Addition of "Deconstructing Dad" to the Stories Section

Poetry—Current Works

Addition of the Poetry Section graphics
Addition of the Stories Section graphics

Posting of Song of the Sea (a poem for my Dad)

It is with great sadness that I inform those of you who do not already
know that I lost my father on October 16, 2005 due to complications
from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  This accounts for the fact that I did not
place anything new on this Web site during the months of October and
November 2005.  I have posted a tribute to my father on his Web site—
www.prosstars.com.  Please take a moment to visit the site.

Do enjoy!

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