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Family Stories
Click here to read the forward to "A Personal History."

This wonderful piece summarizes the lives of two of your great-grandparents—John and Gail Wilkie.  It was written by your paternal grandfather, Noel D. Wilkie, in December 1998 and presented to me as a Christmas present that year.

Included in "A Personal History" are three chapters—
"The Story of John Wilkie," "Gail's Story," and "The Story of Gail and John."  I am in the process of digitizing the three chapters and will post them on your Web site at some point in the future.
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John David Wilkie
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Gail Louise Hibbard

Click here to read an entertaining tale titled "One Good Story."

This entertaining short story is true.  It was lovingly written in calligraphy by your Great Aunt Jean (my father's sister) in December 1984 and presented to my father as a Christmas present that year.
Click here to read about one of your
great-great-great-grandfathers, William Ira Noel.

William served in the First Wisconsin Calvery, Company E for the Union Army during the Civil War.  He was on Sherman's March to the Sea, was taken prisoner by the Confederate Armry, and spent time in the infamous Andersonville prison.  He was one of the precious few individuals to survive the imprisonment.

William's canteen hangs on the wall of your paternal grandmother's Rockville home.
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John, Beatrice, Gail, Karl
(circa 1953 in Wyoming)


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