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Family Stories
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Karl Theodor Steik
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great-grandfathers—Karl Theodor Steik.

Karl was born and lived the first part of his life in Latvia before coming to America, receiving his Ph.D. degree in chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and teaching chemistry at the University of Wyoming.  This piece tells in great detail what life was like in Latvia in the late nineteenth century.  Unfortunately, the piece ends abruptly and was never finished.
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great-grandfather, Karl Theodor Steik.

During his early years in Latvia, Karl was a tutor to the son of General Lavrinovsky—the Kammer-paige (personal attendant) of Tsar Nikolai II of Russia.  Karl both hunted and played folk songs on his balalaika with the Tsar.  This piece recounts his two summers spent at the Tsar's Summer Palace.

Your paternal grandmother has the balalaika described in this story.
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Karl Theodor Steik
(in native costume)


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