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Trip to Italy/Greece/Croatia/Turkey—Set Two (September 2013)

Click on any image to view an enlarged version of the photograph.  Note that
some of the photographs from this trip that are posted on this site were taken
by my neighbors and traveling companions, Myron and Kim.  Thanks, guys!
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Two goddesses Mediterrean sunset
Nancy and Kim posing at Olympia A Mediterrean sunset
Grand Canal Venetian sunset
Casa Artom on the Grand Canal A Venetian sunset
Dubrovnik, Croatia Cousin Lars taking it all in
A panoramic view of Dubrovnik Cousin Lars taking it all in
Stargate at Ephesus Avenues of People
Is this the Ephesian Stargate? What would the Ephesians thought?
Road to the theatre The theatre at Ephesus
The road to the theatre at Ephesus Did St. Paul really preach here?
Kim and Lars Where's the vanilla
Kim and Lars taking a break This is the vanilla?
Kim descending the tower What about sneakers
Kim descending bell tower in Split Shoes are boring ... wear sneakers!
Self portrait The last supper
A self portrait taken on the ship The last supper with Cousin Lars


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