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The Seneca Creek Band
Sometime during 1995 two of my co-workers (Chris and John) were in a band.  They were looking for someone to play bass guitar.  Back in 1974 I had purchased a bass guitar and learned to play it.  I did this because it always seemed that every opportunity I had to play with other musicians produced a session with way too many guitar players and no bass player.  Not as glamorous as playing rhythm guitar, but I figured that it was one way to always be playing!
Any way—John knew the lady who taught gymnastics to one of his children and she had always wanted to sing with a band.  It turns out that Julie had a truly amazing voice.  Along with another acquaintance on drums, we performed our first "gig" as the "The Seneca Creek Band"—for our employer's Annual Holiday Party (1996)!  We played two long sets of cover tunes—and they liked us!
Sometime during the Spring of 1996 we decided to record a demo tape.  Unfortunately,
our drummer took another job out of town.  I mentioned this to a friend of mine at church—
one with whom I had played in the many musicals—and he agreed to record with us.
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Do enjoy!
1.   Wonder (Band Version)
  (Original Artist:  Natalie Merchant)
2.   Two More Bottles of Wine
  (Original Artist:  Martina McBride)
3.   Valentine
  (Original Artist:  Jim Brickman)


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