Welcome to Mindstreets Musings!
Welcome to Mindstreets Musings!

  I was sitting in the stadium watching my college football team do battle against its arch rival one overcast autumn day—my sophomore year, I believe.  All of a sudden, there appeared a large gap in the clouds off to the west.  Over the course of the next thirty minutes, the golden shafts of light shining through this window in the sky moved ever closer to the stadium.  Then for a few brief moments, the sun shone down on me before packing up and heading off to the east.
When I got back to my dorm room, I grabbed a pencil and some paper and quickly scribbled down the first draft of "Window In The Sky" (#4).  I have been writing poems, stories, and lyrics ever since.  I share them all here!
After looking through all of my many notebooks full of poetry, stories, and lyrics—I knew that they needed a place of their own.  When thinking about a unique name that might be similar to "Mindsights" and "Mindsongs," the image of a town came to me—complete with all of streets, alleyways, shops, and homes—and complete with a whole host of interesting and perhaps troubled individuals wrestling with their own set of demons.  The word "Mindstreets" arrived one morning—and I can only explain the term as those avenues down which we all travel in our mind each and every day of our lives.  It is these streets where I found the poems, stories, and lyrics presented on this Web site—picked them up off the sidewalks like shiny pennies—or pulled them out of dumpsters like old discarded toys that no one wanted any more.  A perfect analogy!   Click here to continue the tour!
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Do enjoy!
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