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Mom's Awesome Russian Teacakes—

Perhaps it was because my maternal grandfather was from Latvia—or perhaps because Russian Teacakes just happen to have that perfect balance between sweet and salt—I have always loved these little round spheres of goodness!  One thing was for certain—every year at Christmas time my Mom would whip up a batch of Russian Teacakes.  Even when they were eaten sparingly—which they were—they would disappear way too quickly.  And for whatever reason, one had to wait an entire year for them to reappear!

Now that I have the recipe, I can make them whenever I want!  But somehow, I don't.  They seem to taste so much better when one knows—like Christmas—they come but once a year!

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus!  That's Latvian for Merry Christmas!

Click here to read "Mom's Awesome Russian Teacakes" recipe.  Do enjoy!


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