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I love to draw.  I inherited whatever talent I have from my Father.  When I was young, he would draw funny pictures for my brother and I while we waited for our food in restaurants.  My Father drew his last picture for me six months before he passed on.  It is hanging on my refrigorator door.  I smile every time I look at it.  I hope that my drawings might one day bring someone else as much joy as my Father's drawings brought me!  Do enjoy!
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The Gull And The Moon Spirit
The Gull And The Moon (1981) Spirit (2001)
Evenglade Octopus
Evenglade (2006) Ever Feel Like This? (1980s)
Venus Flytrap Astral Seedling
Venus Flytrap (1999) Astral Seedling (1998)
Holiday Humbug Christmas 1982
Holiday Humbug (1970s) Christmas Card (1982)
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