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Strawberry Daiquiris ("Pink Stuff")—

Pink Stuff   There are few things like planning to spend a picture perfect day with dear friends to inspire a host or hostess.  Once you’ve conjured up creative hors d’oeuvres and chosen the perfect dinner menu, you naturally turn an enthusiastic eye to what drinks to serve.

A dear friend of mine raised the cocktail hour to new heights several years ago when I paid her a visit at her lakeside summer getaway.  After we ceased our water play for the day, we staked out our front row chairs on the dock in anticipation of the sunset.  My hostess treated me to array of fine eats and drinks.  As the sun landed on the western horizon, we lifted our glasses for a toast.  "To Dock Time," she said.
But what to drink?  By far, my favorite elixir at "Dock Time" is a strawberry daiquiri.  This short blirp contains the recipe for the perfect daiquiri.  Your guests will remember this tasty treat long into winter!
Click here to read "Dock Time."  Do enjoy!


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