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Shoshone Lodge's World Famous Pancakes—


  One of my favorite places to visit is Yellowstone National Park.  I'm sure that a big influence on me as a child was the fact that my Dad was born and raised in Powell, Wyoming—75 miles east of the park.

My Dad would often recount stories of his youth and driving up to the park for his birthday—which just happened to be on the Fourth of July—going fishing with his Dad, and staying at Shoshone Lodge—just a few miles due east of the park.  If you're ever out there, stop by!

One of the best things about staying at Shoshone Lodge is their pancakes!  Years ago, I asked the owner (a family friend) for the recipe.  And here it is!

Oh, yes—one last thought—the only person in the whole world who made better pancakes than Shoshone Lodge was my Dad!  God bless him!

Click here to read "Shoshone Lodge's World Famous Pancakes" recipe.  Do enjoy!


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